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Mike Goodge

Mike Goodge was born in Northampton at Massachusetts, USA to a British Father and an American Mother and moved to Devon southwest of England when he was three years old. Completed High School at King's School (founded by King Henry the Eight) in 1988 and in the same year moved to Florida to study Art  and earned an A.A. degree at the Palm Beach Community College. Then he moved to Orlando to study film and art to receive a B.A. degree in Motion Picture Technology in 1996.  Mike married Nadia Goodge in 1999. He and his wife moved to Toronto in 2006 and became a Canadian Citizen on Valentine's Day 2008. Returned to Florida in 2018. He has taught art classes and workshops at various schools and community centers for the City of Orlando, Toronto and Clermont, Florida for more than twenty years. His paintings have exhibited in the Orlando Museum of Art and several galleries in Palm Beach County and in Toronto. He now teaches art classes to all ages under his own business name Goodge Art Classes.

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